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Melting Induction Furnace with 2 crucibles and common panel to hold 1.8 Tons and 2.8 Tons metal respectively and with a melting capacity of 1.5 Tons per hour.

Moulding Sand System

Green Sand.
Resin Sand (NoBake).
CO2 Sand.
Shell Sand.


Moulding Facility

ARPA 300 - 1pair
Hand Moulding


Grades Manufactured

SG Iron(Ductile Iron) is made normally in the grades 700/2, 600/3, 500/7, 400/15, 450/10, 400/18.
Grey iron FC 200, FC 250, FC 300, and other Alloy grades.
Also castings are made as per customers specification.



0.5 Kg to 2200 Kgs in all Grades of Ductile and Grey Iron.